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Friday, July 1, 2016

Something must be tested soon

I am now looking for test testers(!) for something new around the World of TG. The developing progress is going good, and we are soon going to need quite a bunch of people (gender does not matter) to to get,Aaaah... to TEST those new functions.
You don't have to be scared, really, but there are some rules you'd have to follow.
First rule: Do not talk about what you see.
Second rule: Do not talk about what you see.
Third rule: Tell us your opinion/what could be further improved/was bad.
All you've got to do to sign up is send an mail to with "[tester]" as subject. We'll send you further instructions as soon as the testing begins.

Will be happy to hear form you,


  1. Spoiler alert: you're gonna love this <3

  2. Will it start soon?

  3. Great! please get on with it. When it's on im writing a piece of it. You can trust my paper review to be honest and accurate although i still need your approval. Please let me know what you think.

  4. I hope the test was a success and you were able to find a victim. An awesome test that will give you good results, something that fanatics via are looking forward to see.


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