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Monday, February 23, 2015

Some BAD news, a warning, and an invitation

1st thing:
Google/Blogger changes the adult content policy:
"If your existing blog does have sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video, your blog will be made private after March 23, 2015. No content will be deleted, but private content can only be seen by the owner or admins of the blog and the people who the owner has shared the blog with." Source
As this effects a lot of blogs this site is linking to, and many bloggers only create "adult" captions and are hosted on "Blogger", this will have a significant impact on the blogging part of the TG community.
Edit: If this -contrary to my expections- affects as well, this would be the end of

To the bloggers:
If you are one of those bloggers and you don't want to change the way you are captioning/creating content, I suggest to change the blog-platform. Edit: One popular option is Tumblr. You may also want to send me the link to your new blog via the contact site here, so I can add it/replace your old one.
Oh, and make sure there is a rss feed. Otherwise I can't add it to those blog lists here.

To the users: Save what you can save!
I am sure that some of the affected bloggers will stop captioning after Mach 23.

Additional Edit: Meanwhile there is a thread on running on this topic.

2nd thing:

My real life is taking much more time than expected and I will not be able to run this site like I did until now. New blogs can only be added on a monthly rate (I collect the messages you send me via the contact forms and add all of them at once).

As I don't want to see this site, in which I put a damn lot effort, suffer, I am looking for help.
If you are interested in helping me with and all subsites, no matter what you can/want/would do, contact me via the contact site, and we will see how you can help me.



  1. What blog platform do you recommend we move to so that we can post "pornography"?

  2. That sucks, should at least be able to access with a google account if the user is over 18.

    With that in mind, hopefully this isn't out of line. (If it is feel free to remove this comment) Perhaps bloggers could consider as an alternative. It should be immune to the new policy and has a system for posting captions. Beyond that I don't know much, since I don't make captions. Just wanted to offer the suggestion.

    1. Also a possibility. I hope I'll be able to bind in tf-media here as well in future.

  3. I too would like to know what platform most bloggers will move too. true, tumblr is an option, but it doesn't come close to blogger. i'm thinking maybe wordpress.

    but beyond that, what sort of help are you looking for? I am no computer whiz by a long way, but one thing i do have is time. let me know @

    1. Wordpress already has the adult content filter that has yet to be implemented into google blogger.


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