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Friday, February 27, 2015

Good News again

Google REVERSES the blogger ban.

Well, obviouly there were so many bad reactions, that this didn't hold for too long.

If you still plan to change the platform, let me know.

AND even more good news:
I found some people who may help me with the caption blogs here on,
BUT I still need people who are interested in helping me with the comics and media sites of
So if you are interested in running them/ helping me, contact me.



  1. Just when i had just done a clean up. Stoopid2 nOT THAT MUCH LOST AS NUDITY AND EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTS WERE NEVER HIGH ON MY LIST ANYWAY, mY KINKY SIDE is more about me being a bit af a sadist.....

  2. I had almost volunteerd but then i noticed my blog was removed from your bloglist,,,,it changed things......

  3. It would have been ok to put it in a different category as it's never been a real caption thing but it was just cut off for some reason. You are so nissing out on a classy b;og. Saskia of Saskia's tv blogthingy

  4. Thanks for thr very tempory hospitality

  5. It is still in the nofi section but certainly NOT here anymore.

    1. Please check you mail. I wrote a longer response to this.

  6. ok,for those of you that wish to click the box "more of the same" i recommend that you start writting your own not a captioner myself,but i appreciate the time and effort.these fine people put in to this,and its about time they are all shown some love.if you have nothing nice to say.move grateful for this site,and ill be damn if i let a handful of haters ruin it.signed "a long time fan of all on here" you go girls,you rock.each and everyone of you. nothin but love... KISS


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