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Monday, August 18, 2014

Attacks on several TG Artists

Even more bad news!
Rebecca is not alone. Several artists (I am not allowed to tell the names) have been attacked.
The attacks affect their identities (real ones and creative ones) and the attackers only intention seems to be to harm those bloggers and artists.
I can't tell if there is a common thread, but I also can't tell there is not, when there are meanwhile 4 affected artists within 2 weeks.
This is a warning to all of you to be careful with your real identities.


  1. Too bad, we live with such intolerance. Wouldn't be nice if we could send the attackers something that slows their messages of hate down or stops them entirely ?

    1. Open for creative ideas ;)

    2. change your passwords regularly
      put tape on your webcam

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. If you are trying to see if all these attacks are connected i would try to look at their structure of how they are written and look for similarities. i would also look into any groups that would be able to help us track down who sent these

  4. This is FAR beyond intolerance. These are hateful attacks on people that are doing nothing but expressing themselves through various art forms and hoping that others find enjoyment/appreciation in their work. To assault others like this is truly contemptible.

    My thoughts go out to the wonderful artists that are being victimized this way. I hope no harm comes to them and that they can continue to find an outlet to express their creativity.

  5. I am the one that posted earlier about the similarities. i would also recommend that if the targeted artists have any facebook or any other social site that they don't want their tg work showing up i would recommend they delete it just to be safe

    Also i would encourage them to branch out to family or someone they can trust for help

  6. it's will be interresting to know if the artists are just north american or if they are some european too.
    i explain myself, the privacy of your "personnal data" was not the same in europe like in the us (including for google, facebook, amazon - wish list and password login policy - paypal etc etc ...)
    if only american artist are target, i strongly recommand them to cut all "old link" and start new one outside of the "old zone" (start new one in europe or asia)
    think to use VPN too (for keeping your privacy realy private - IPVanish is a good vpn provider like hidemyass too - to not giving just one compagny name)
    i'm really interresting to know, because i have some "activities" on internet who could be target like you (we have morrons too in my country) but we haven't the same trouble
    be careful too blooger and "all package website" make by compagny who sell personnal data to commercial compagny, the leak could be here (we haven't the same rules for that in europe, personnal data is personnal data, period)
    very sad too heard this (rebecca was missing a lot) and to know that there is another artist target
    give some info to the located target (just in north america or not), it's could help
    and don't forget to read ALL the line when you open an account for blog, mail, webservice or even some company device-service (you could be surprised A LOT)
    take care
    good luck and i wish you the best

  7. I began to research what to do in these situations and the primary thing is to take screen grabs of all the emails and then contact the email provider of the emails (gmail, hotmail) and report the address or adresses so they can be removed. If the victims are up to it and live in america i would go to the police and see if they can't do anything. At least in my opinion this feels like a hate crime, and they should be able to do something. Again that is only if they want to I would say to the victims find someone in your life (parents, siblings) you can trust tell them situation and ask for help. If you can't do that I think you should send Viola your thoughts and feelings about this and see if she can post them here and we can respond to it. You can be anonymous, but as along as you are not facing this alone i think that counts

  8. of course, i know that in us nothing is private;
    it's why i ask if all the victims was from north america or not
    for everyone, use vpn, it's a good start to keep your private life private
    after, contact the police is a good idea (even really good), but not if the victims want to "stay in the closet"
    it's will be a really bad idea in this case (depending of country, again)
    it's a really complicated situation, the b@st@rd who do this is has really take "goos target" for his sadistic attack
    if it was me, i contact an association for the liberties of LGBT (lesbians, gay, bi, trans , i don't know how you name it in usa)
    or perhaps just an association for civil right or something like that (one again, i don't know the country and all the associations)
    if you country have a free lawyer service (ask to your local court), you could ask too
    they could help victims and give tips here and everywhere to the other (and perhaps try to find this sadistic person or group)
    if someone have info about the "origine" of the victims, it' s will be a really good info to share here

  9. Just ignore em. Personally i don't give a f*ck. Hit em with yer handbag, sistah.

  10. Trannies should be fierce. We are the ones who strike back. innit? Even Stonewall was us swinging our handbags and not being scared anymore.


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