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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World of TG - ART

Hi everybody,
I just finished creating another part of this site.
On Worldoftg - ART, TG artists can post almost any kind of TG art as long as they follow the posting rules ;). The exceptional is, that those rules are much better than those on deviantart for example ;).
If the sites works the way I wish, it will be a great addition to World of TG ;)
Enjoy it ;)



  1. This never seems to work. When I follow any of the links to the DeviantArt TG art groups I just end up at the root page of DeviantArt instead of being linked to the specific post in question.

  2. deviantART's RSS feed gives a link that they used to use to view galleries. Alas, this doesn't work anymore. To get to the image, don't click on the image or the person who made the image. Click on the title of the image (off to the right side of the preview image).


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