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Monday, July 8, 2013

Now we are two

Hello users of,

I am proud to present you "Jade" as a coadmin of this site. She already helped me out a lot, so I made her this special offer. I am glad she accepted it.
Here her introduction:
Oh! Hai!I have been coming to worldoftg for about since mid 2011 when I got linked here from tgcomics. Late 2010 is when I became involved with Fiction Branches, and long before that I lurked Fiction Mania.Jade
Some further changes:
A lot of dead blogs have been deleted.
Moved blogs have been replaced.

I respect when you do ads in your blogs, but I won't link so called ad-traps on this site. (Has to do with reputation you know.)
I am deleting those ad-traps as well. -Without warning.



  1. Excellent to hear the ad-traps are gone. There was one I don't quite remember the name of, but any mouse-clicks just BAM redirected.

  2. I want to remark that I'm not related with the sites:
    Blogger banned and deleted my blogs and somebody wait until the URLs was available to register them.
    Warning: These sites are full of malware.

    1. Thanks, I'll take care of this asap.

    2. I know the same person that registered spam blogs in my old URL has done the same with other banned/abandoned blogger blogs.

    3. Actually, it looks like none of those is linked here anymore. Did you find such a link here?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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