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Monday, February 4, 2013

An urgent matter

Dear Readers, Visitors and Followers,

It's been a while I posted a new blog-post, but I can assure you, that I keep adding new sites weekly, sometimes daily and that I read and answer all your messanges you send me via the form.

There is something very urgent, I need to tell you.
This site has been financed via advertising for as long as it existed, but now, out of sudden, my former ad-service "adsense" rejects cooperation. This is, why I now changed to clicksor. I hope to achive a similar income, but  I need your help.
So if you want to support me for keeping up this site and putting a lot of hard work into it,
all you need to do is to deactivate your adblockers for this site. (Almost every adblocker has the function to allow certain sites.)
I'd appreciate this kind of help from every one of you.

Yours respectfully,


  1. Do you mean blogs, that are actually linked in the blog lists or pages you get to through clicking on ads.
    In the first case, I'd like you to specify what you mean giving me a few examples, so I can take a look at this.

  2. I am talking about linked blogs.

    ThatGuy's Captions
    Goldendawn Creations
    Steffimariechen's Naughty Bits

    These seem to be taken over by someone and not run by the original person behind the name, see

  3. Due to the unfair (against fair not-adblocking users) methods, those blogs are using to trick people into porn sites etc., I removed them from the main page, and added a clear warning to the remaining links on the caption-site of World of TG.

  4. I would like to turn off adblocker...if not for the fact that merely scrolling down on this page has Firefox tell me it prevented 7 ads from popping up.

    By the time I finish typing this, 10 have been blocked. I can't agree to this if it's going to cause that much ads to come up from simply scrolling down the page.

    -Ms. Bolt

  5. I fired my ad-partner again (this was number 7).
    Open of reccomendations.

  6. Be careful about clicksor. More of their advertisers are spammers.

    I recommend you to think about plugrush or juicyads (selecting non adult ads) or thinking about affiliate programs like amazon or clickbank.

  7. These two blogs seem to be just ads now:
    Lina´s dreams
    Kimmy's Coerced TG Caps

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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