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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New TG video blog

Hi all, a new TG media (videos) blog called TG Creation started a few weeks ago. I now also added it to the community list here, so you stay tuned about new posts there. A quote from the first post:
I've put together quite a number of these short videos and don't plan on stopping. So I thought it was time that I shared them with the rest of the community to see if there was any interest out there for the work I've done. A word of warning: Most of what I've put together is adult material.
Huge thanks for Lilac Wren for doing this. I hope she continues that for a very long time :). Friendly greets, Viola

1 comment :

  1. Much thanks for the compliments and link. You do great work here and I'm happy to be included with all of the other wonderful sites.



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