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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TG Blogger and Webmaster Group

Hi all, due to a suggestion of the creator of the new TG Seach, you may have noticed, I created a TG Blogger and Webmaster Group on facebook. The reason for the creation of the group and what it should be for is citated here:
You must be aware how much linking to each other and social networking plays a big part in bringing huge traffic to the website. But the problem is that we (bloggers) work individually on our sites and think of other as a competitor and don't come together. Whereas, the fact is that if we come all together and form a big group, we would be able to help each other, and also it will make us very powerful on the web.
So if you are a TG blogger or Webmaster and have a fb-account (or a fake account if you want to protect your identity), you are very welcome to join this group and help yourself and the others to improve your or their work. Greets, Viola

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