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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big fat update part Two

For the part one look here.
The second part of my big fat update contains:

==A completely new caption site.
-All caption sites (also the new ones from the shoutbox which I have problems with implementing them on the main site) are liked there and put into some categories.
-In addition, Caption galleries of Deviants from deviantart are listet in the same way as blogs.

==The deviantart page now also contains Animation and Render Deviants

==I also added a completely new comic site.
-The site is far from complete and in slow progress.
-I hope you like it eigther.

(In the Third part of this update, you'll find, that the TG Caption Blogs list from the main page has been renewed,,.but this may take some time)

== Oh, I almost forgot the new logos, do you like them? :)

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