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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big fat update part Three

Blogger set the maximum number of blogs in a blog list to 166.
That is why there were problems adding new blogs.
As a solution to this, I created a seperate caption blogs site  (see second part of the update) and renewed the list on the main page (this part of the update).
There are now 166 blogs in the list. I always keep the 166 most active blogs on the main page, which means the blogs with the 166 most recent updates.
Of course you can see ALL blogs on the seperate caption site in smaller categories.

I also added hints in squared brackets "[...]" to the blogs in the list.
[NE] means, that the blogs are in the "Non-English TG Caption Blogs"-category on the seperate caption-blogs site.
[SSCC] means, that the blogs are in the "Sissy,Shemale,CD containing TG Caption Blogs"-category on the sepreate caption-blogs site.


  1. I think the new setup looks great and it's an intelligent solution to the blog limitation. I enjoy the different sections [NE] [SSCC] for example. One thing, I'm not sure, but I believe the links to Deviant Art pages may not work correctly? I keep getting directed to the deviant are main page.

  2. Thanks for reporting this problem. You need to click on the title of the work to get to it, not the picture, then it should wor. I'll see what I can do about it.

  3. Hi Thanks for putting me on your list, I am getting a ton of traffic from you! I have put you on my follow list and hope I can return the favor to the best of my abilities!


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