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Monday, February 13, 2012

Big fat update part One

Dear users of this blog,
the following update should make you quite happy :)

Since yesterday, I am doing a majour update on this site, the infrastructure, the system and the loading speed.

A part of this update is already seeable.

==I added an easier infrastructure to this site (look up), so you can switch between the subsites faster and easier.

==The non-fictional content is and will completely and only be aviable on the nofi-page to increase the loading speed of the main site.
Same rules for the deviantart part.

==World of TG now has two deviantart pages.
One is an updating list of deviants, that post their art. It is updated the same way the caption blogs are.
   -here only those deviants are linked, that post TG mainly or only.
The other one has a large and bigger list of deviants, that have TG content in their galleries.
   -sometimes, but not so often, you need to look for the TG conent in the artists galleries
   -if the artist seperates his or her posted art into a TG gallery and others, the TG gallery is linked.

Due to the bad resonance concerning this update (and if this continues), it would be changed back partially.
+++Sorry alot for the site loading problems!!!(Which should be past now)

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