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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi all,
for those of you which ever wanted to link this site with a banner, you got the possibility now.
To see the banner, scroll down the site. There is also a banner (as .gif) up right next to the title of the page,
but it is not shown corretly with some versions of firefox and internet explorer.

Since the last post, I also added a lot of Deviant Artists and TG Caption Blogs. Look here for more detail.

The site is still under construction.


  1. They have supplanted me my mastery of the blog another person that it is me who is not, now I am here:

    Me han suplantado mi dominio del blog otra persona que no soy yo, ahora estoy aquí:

    El otro blog que aparece con tgespana no soy yo, es otro que me ha suplantado el dominio.
    y que me ha hecho desaparecer todos los captions que tenia, pero por suerte tenia una copia de seguridad.

  2. @tgespana
    I didn't understand the spanish part of your comment. However, I added the blog ;) .


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