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Monday, October 18, 2010

TG World - The BIG Ones

Hi all,
as you can see I added a new category called "TG World - The BIG Ones".
There I place the sites, which are in my opinion the most relevant and/or important TG sites.
If you think, that your site should be added there, please contact me.
Write the link of course and the reason.


  1. No - TG-Media is a fake ripoff of TF-Media made by some dissatisfied user after he left TF-Media in a fit of rage. ***TF-Media does not condone this site in any way, it is a cheap copy and paste. I recommend you do NOT LINK TO IT.***

  2. monechri2b - Can you give us an example? Fictionmania? Rebecca's World? What do you consider?

  3. TFGuy, grow up. You were damn irresponsible at TF-Media, you wouldn't delete my account when I asked you to, and you have a lame need to be dictator.

    The site I am oeprating is going to offer everything that a community site should, input from community, shared development, and features that people actually want and need. Not least of which a search that works and a sane tag system.

    I have copied nothing from your site, I just sued the same theme you did to demonstrate how your site was a 1 click install, despite the hours of work you claimed to put into it.

  4. why do comments keep disappearing?

  5. I wonder what happened to my last comment...

    TFGuy, that is just not true. I asked you to delete my account and you refused, and you have this annoying need to be dictator and lord over the community.

    The site I created will actually be open and implement features people want and need like a search that works and a sane tag system. Development will be open (of course patches will be subject to approval) and there will be no mandatory registration.

    I also resent the accusation I copied anything from your site. I made the logo myself using the same font, and the rest is simply using the deco theme. It isn't hard to copy a one click install....

  6. First, I have no idea why comments disappear.
    Second, please fight your war somwhere else, but not in the comments list.

  7. Comments disappear, when they are filtered by the spam-filter. Not my fault.


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