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Thursday, October 28, 2010

'The BIG Ones' Nomination Polls, + Style system for comics

Hi all, I thought about putting the for 'The BIG Ones' nominated sites into a poll, so you can decide, which one gets there. The poll is below the posts.

Also new is a small style system for TG-online-comics. The style system is explained beyond the list.
I am going to complete the styles in the brackets in the next few days.


  1. Hi! I think your idea is good, but these choices are not so good. TGFA has not been updated since 2002, I think. Manga TG is good, but not well organized, at all. Plus, the downloads are very strange. Have you considered putting fictionmania on the big ones list?

  2. Tanks for the idea. I am going to list in in the next poll. I need more suggestions, cause this sould not be my decision but yours.

  3. Ok, I nominate fictionmania at least. Would you consider sites such as Rachel's Haven, which are free but have membership requirements - in this case a minimum of 50 posts?

  4. Para los que sepan español:


-offered adspace 2-
Encoding e.g. (s3c)
s: style
3: rather detailed
c: colored

bw: black and white
1-6: styles

It is hard to keep them apart, so there might be '2/3' or '3/4' sometimes.

Your favourite way