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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something bigger is comming + IMVU

Hey all, I plan to create some kind chart of TG comics from a certain site (sorry can't say name). It should be going to let you know the number of pages, a content warning, and maybe the type of TG transformation.


IMVU is a gerat 3D chat, which also contains TG and TF.
There are also Furry-communities and stuff like that.
You can completely costumize your avatar and change it into whatever you want every time. You can also contact me there, I will be in your friends list automatically
and am called Werefurry.
Please register via this link to have us in our friendslists.

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s: style
3: rather detailed
c: colored

bw: black and white
1-6: styles

It is hard to keep them apart, so there might be '2/3' or '3/4' sometimes.

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