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Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Loading

If this site loads long, you should do the following steps:
- Turn off all link-scanning addons from your browser (Skypephone, Adblock, Dictionaries)
- Wait before scrolling down until the site has finished loading (loading Images and showing them simultanly dures longer, because the PC adds his show-loading time to the
down-loading time and it dures longer)

Sorry for my bad english.

Have fun, hope I could help

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  1. Could you list by caption site?


-offered adspace 2-
Encoding e.g. (s3c)
s: style
3: rather detailed
c: colored

bw: black and white
1-6: styles

It is hard to keep them apart, so there might be '2/3' or '3/4' sometimes.

Your favourite way