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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The first 5 Updates

First Update contained:
new categorys:
-TG/TF youtube channels/authors
-TG Movies
-Names of TG Movies
-TG Games
-TG Videos
Other Categorys were updated!

Second update contained:
Categorys added: TG Veoh groups;-
Categorys updated:TG/TF youtube channels/authors

Third update contained:
Categorys added: TGcontaining Megavideo Profiles

Fourth update contained:
Categorys added:TG other fansites
Category updated:
TG Web Comics Lists
TG Webcomics (very big update)
TG caption links
TG Caption Blogs
TG Link Linklist
TG other fansites

Fifth update contains:
Category updated: TG/TF youtube channels/authors
Special MakoDap Link
Rapidshare Search

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